Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The red-hair girl gets printed all up !

Rihanna is so off her 'All Black Everything' outfits ! 

Last Sunday, at the American Music Awards, "Ri-Ri" gave us a great fashion show. And she managed to perform so well (surprisingly..). While opening the event with a medley of her new songs, her arms were all bangled up as she only wore a colorful skirted scarf upon some black panties, and a black and white bra top. She was then surrounded by her tribe of female dancers, literally, and some African tom-tom players. This is the first time I can really dig a live set from Rihanna. Peep it below if you haven't seen it.

Did Rihanna had a trip to Africa recently ?? Or did she hang out with Kelis and Solange more than usually ?? Last week, for her performance on MTV's TRL The Seven she was spotted with a Tina Kalivas (article to come) mixed-prints jacket, still with plenty of bangles on her arms. 

Earlier the same week, at Good Morning America show, she rocked one of Gwen Stefani's wax-printed jacket from the L.A.M.B latest collection, along with a Dolce & Gabanna skirt. 
Giiiiiirl ! I'm so looking forward to see her next appearances !